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Gayla Corley
Gayla Corley

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When asked what drew her to a career in the legal field, Gayla Corley answered with candor, “A failed path to medical school.”

Interested in medical school, but more proficient in English and history, Corley quickly learned that many of the same set of logic skills used in medicine overlap into law–but with fewer math and biology requirements.

After graduating from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 1994, Corley began work in commercial litigation and personal injury defense. While Corley never had young children, and thus didn’t feel quite the same “Superwoman” struggle of many of her colleagues, she admires those who traveled down that path.

“We were able to stand on the shoulders of the ladies who went before us to blaze that trail,” adds Corley.

Corley has some words of wisdom for women embarking on a career in the legal field. “Make time for yourself. Find a hobby. Travel,” she said.

Corley recalls a time when she was fresh out of law school and working too many hours. “I noticed vacation brochures mysteriously appearing on my desk and then one day, my supervising attorney and mentor said to me, ‘Corley, you’ve got to get out of here!'”

These days, Corley relishes finding time in her busy schedule to travel. She counts traveling to new places and meeting different people as great sources of inspiration. A seasoned marathon runner, Corley is currently training for her third New York City Marathon, which is scheduled for November 1, 2020.


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