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2510 N. Main
San Antonio, TX 
(210) 615-8680

Maria Antonietta, Owner

What is your business philosophy?

Through continuous education and creativity we strive to provide you with the hightest quality of services to enhance your beauty, while inspiring your well-being and hapiness.

Why did you become a hair stylist?

I was inspired by my obsession for Hair and Fashion and how it all goes hand in hand.

What are your signature services?

We offer cutting edge color/ highlight techniques, precise cuts and styling. We also offer wigs, wig styling and extensions for clients with thinning hair to add length, volume or density.

Who have been your beauty icons?

My Beauty Icons have been Vidal Sassoon who has been famous for all the geometric haircuts and Beth Minardi for her innovative color techniques.

What is the question you are most frequently asked?

People ask me all the time how long I have been a stylist?
My response…35 years.

Why should women choose me to be their hair stylist?

My years of experience, talent and knowledge speak volumes.


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