Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio

Edward J. Camacho, DDS, Confidence Builder

What are your primary goals in patient care?

My first goal is to relieve any discomfort, then restore ideal function, followed by creating balance in the smile that will ultimately build confidence for the patient.

Are treatment plans discussed up front and cost estimates given?

Absolutely! We ensure patients have a clear understanding of treatment and costs beforehand.

What makes your dental practice unique?

I have 39 years of experience in creating beautiful smiles and building confidence. It is something I have a passion for. I offer patients free, convenient, personalized-smile virtual consultations that allow patients to get answers to their cosmetic questions and concerns without having to come into the office for an appointment. After sending me a photo of their smile, they receive a 10-15 minute video from me letting them know what options they have and a cost estimate. When patients decide to visit me I provide a “Smile Test Drive” that allows them to see the possibilities in their mouth before committing to any treatment. The smile virtual link is on my website.

A Better Smile…A Better You…A Better Life!

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