Advanced Oral Surgery

Raymond W Kaercher DDS, MD &
Robert Lemke DDS, MD

What are your primary goals in patient care?

We strive to make our patients feel comfortable, that we care about them. We work hard at providing professional, caring and high-quality service and treatment for each of our patients.

How do you approach patients with dental anxiety?

At the initial visit we make an effort to get to know each patient, their interests, where they are from, and their background. We want them to know and feel that we are truly interested in them. When should someone see an oral surgeon? Most people would do much better to have an oral surgeon remove their teeth. We are one of the few specialties that are extensively trained in anesthesia. We can offer IV sedation in a safe environment – not to be confused with the sedation many dentists offer with oral medications. We can also offer bone grafts when we take out teeth. Most people do not realize that they lose 50% of the width of their jaw when a tooth is removed if a graft is not placed at the time of an extraction.

What is one thing that sets your practice apart?

Our advanced technology. We offer 3D CT scans to virtually plan our surgeries as well as PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) for significantly faster healing with up to 80% less pain. What really sets us apart is the personal touch we take with each patient.

Are treatment plans discussed up-front and cost estimates given?

Yes. Treatment and alternatives are provided along with cost estimates reviewed with the patient.

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