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One Artist’s Tips for Women of a Certain Age

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I distinctly remember in middle school someone asking me what my secret to clear skin was. The truth was, 

I didn’t have one, but I responded awkwardly that I always washed my face with Johnson & Johnson baby

wash. Not because it was a beauty secret, but because I was the oldest of six kids and it was 

what my mom still kept in the house for my younger siblings. 


The memories of how we cared for our skin and maintained our “beauty” in our youth can often be 

cringe-worthy. It’s easy, of course, to have perfect pores and a glowing complexion when you’re 

young and carefree. But as we age our pursuit of beauty becomes more of an uphill battle 

if we listen to conventional society’s standards. 


Kenia Osuna is a San Antonio-based makeup artist on a mission to change that with expertise focused primarily on mature skin. We sat down with her to find out how to age gracefully and make the most of your makeup routine at any age.

San Antonio Woman: Hi Kenia! Though this may seem obvious, how does mature skin differ from younger skin? What are the changes you see that affect how makeup is applied?  

Kenia Osuna: As we age our bodies can’t restore tissue as it once did. Our skin is one visible example of this age-related decline in construction and renewal. When applying makeup you can enhance your features and your beauty with a brighter appearance. It is very crucial that you have the correct skin care, followed by a proper makeup routine for your skin type. That can determine whether your makeup looks flawless or not. 

Beauty productsSAW: What are some products you recommend that do wonders for mature skin? 

KO: A proper skin care regimen followed by eye cream and moisturizer. Some of the products I recommend for moisturizer are the CeraVe moisturizing cream and the Peter Thomas Roth water drench hyaluronic cloud cream hydrating moisturizer. After your skin care routine, apply a pore reducing primer for a softer makeup appearance like the POREfessional from Benefit Cosmetics. 

SAW: Is there a particular area of the face (eyes, lips, etc.) that you really have to be cognizant of when doing your makeup as you age?  

KO: I’ve done makeup for hundreds of people throughout my makeup artistry career and I can definitely say the under eye area is a significant problem for most people when aging. This is due to hyperpigmentation, bags, and wrinkles. When applying makeup under anyone’s eyes you have to be very gentle and find what is the problem, then look for alternatives such as color correcting, extra hydration, or just as simple as not applying as much product.

SAW: What techniques will show your age or make you look older if not done properly? 

KO: First of all, always, always, always keep your skin hydrated; as I said before skin care is a must. When using makeup do not apply more makeup than what you need. Sometimes a bright lipstick can really make a difference, so just try it! Don’t be scared.

SAW: What is your number one tip for women of a certain age doing their own makeup?  

KO: When you’re dealing with mature skin, just remember, less is more.

SAW: What’s your best advice for women on accepting the aging process and feeling beautiful, no matter if they have one wrinkle or 50? 

KO: I stand behind the idea of highlighting your own natural beauty; if you’re having a hard time with makeup, stop being so hard on yourself! Just have fun, explore, and remember it’s just makeup. 

SAW: Why did you decide to focus on this area of the makeup industry?

KO: I decided to focus on mature skin because my gorgeous older women need a reminder of how beautiful they are. Most of my clients tell me that doing their makeup is not an option due to their busy schedules, so I try to show them it’s easy with just a little effort.


By Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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