Parkhurst NuVision & Laser MedSpa

Gregory D. Parkhurst, MD, FACS

What services do you offer?:

We offer vision correction and facial aesthetic procedures to almost any age. It’s best to have LASIK or one of the 8 modern variations as an adult because distance vision typically stabilizes around the age of 20. We also offer procedures to help middle-aged patients lose the reading glasses. We can often eliminate the need for readers and corrective eyewear for seniors at the same time their cataracts are being fixed.

What is the most common issue you see?:

Many think they do not qualify for LASIK because of age, astigmatism, strong prescriptions, or dry eyes from contact lens use. The truth is, vision correction procedures have expanded to solve almost all of these limitations. These days it is very rare for someone not to qualify for a vision correction procedure.

How many people in your family have had a vision correction procedure?:

I grew up with bad vision, 15 years ago I had laser vision correction. The results changed my life, which led me to specialize in the field. Since that time, I’ve performed modern LASIK for my mom, laser cataract surgery for both my dad and mother-in-law, and my wife has permanent contacts (yes that’s a thing). We are a referral center, so I’ve had the privilege to perform procedures on countless other eye doctors and their family members. It has been a joy and an honor to help so many people near and dear to me, and we strive to treat every patient we see the same way.


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