Pillow Talk


I have to be honest. I’m in love with pillows. If I’m really honest, I’ll admit that one of the reasons that I got into this business of design is because of my deep affection for pillows.  I love their personality and the instant comfort they offer, just by sitting there and looking pretty. As an interior design student, I remember being crushed that we never had a single lecture or workshop devoted to pillows!  Later, I made it my mission to extol the virtues of pillows as a residential design professional. I routinely offer my clients multiple pillow options in the room schemes I present. I suggest keeping larger pieces of furniture (sofas & sectionals) mostly free of color and pattern so that we may introduce change in the form of pillows. Seasons and holidays can be expressed with color, warmth, charm, elegance and even whimsy simply by switching out the throw pillows every few months! “A new pillow selection is just like a new pair of shoes or a new piece of jewelry on an outfit – and that little bit of change changes everything.” Pillows express so much with texture: beading or silk instantly speak glamour. Leather and faux fur express nature. I’ve always adhered to the theory that if you want to recreate an environment for little money, pillows and paint are key.Pillows are an essential part of the landscape of a well-made bed. There are those that are used to comprise the color scheme and theme, such as Euro & Standard shams. Some pillows are just for the sleep experience and are usually encased in a sheeting material. Finally, we have the decorative pillows in square, oblong and boudoir (small rectangular) shapes. These are the pretty scenery of the landscape.My husband hates pillows… especially the ones he calls “extra” that sit on our bed. He despises the concept of taking them off to sleep and putting them on for looks. I have had to seriously inhibit my innate desire to add more and more pillows to our bed. I do it to keep peace in our home. However, if one were to remove my hubby’s beloved pillow from his recliner or desk chair, one would brace herself for a fight — a pillow fight!



By Nan Krigbaum

Interior Trade Cartel

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