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Local Natural Beauty Lines to Gift

These days, our society is more interested than ever in beauty lines with ingredients we can pronounce, packaging we’d be proud to have on our counters, and results we can rely on. For those who also want the added bonus of shopping local, we’ve rounded up a bevy of San Antonio beauty options for the woman who needs some self-care this holiday season.


Recent transplant to San Antonio, Susie Petersen of Jordan & Petersen offers facials and non-toxic products at their new SA location. For gift giving, she recommends purchasing travel size items for the jetsetter in your life, specifically their Extreme C+ Bioactive Serum to restore a youthful glow.

extreme c+ bioactive serum


Organically Bath & Beauty Owner Kela Nabors says their whipped body scrubs and body mousse are a popular choice for the holidays and for good reason. “Dry skin is prominent in the cooler months, and moisturizers with all natural healing agents are perfect to protect and nourish,” she said. Treat yourself or a friend.



As a modern solution to the holiday gift sets, Lika Torline of In The Weeds Natural Skin Care offers product bundles with product selections customized for each buyer. Make sure to include the fan
favorite Magi Stick with holiday-appropriate frankincense and myrrh to heal dry skin.


Aquila Mendez-Valdez
Fashion & Beauty Editor


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