Animal Defense League of Texas

Adoption Center: 11300 Nacogdoches Rd
San Antonio, TX 78217

ADL Hospital: 11215 Iota Drive
San Antonio, TX 78217

(210) 525-9333
The Animal Defense League (ADL) was established to take in and care for unwanted, homeless and abused dogs and cats in our community. ADL’s goal is to rehome this population of pets into loving and permanent homes.


The mission of the Animal Defense League is to enhance the quality of life for abandoned, abused or neglected dogs and cats by providing needed medical care, food, shelter, and safety with compassion and attention until they are adopted.


To create a culture through advocacy, education and resources where all companion animals are wanted, valued and provided for in our community.

Prior to adoption, ADL provides full medical care and treatment, for any animal with a medical condition. Almost 50 percent of the animals we take in from the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services require more than routine medical care before they can be placed for adoption. We also provide medical disclosures to adopters for pets that may have a particular condition.

The Animal Defense League is San Antonio’s oldest companion animal shelter, established in 1934. Our greatest need is for foster volunteers, general volunteers, adopters and donations to allow ADL to continue our live-saving mission.