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Gwynn Deaver, VP of Brand Strategy (Sitting); Rachel Witkowski, VP of Operations & Execution (Standing) 1. What services does your agency offer? We can help with logo development, graphic design, signage, marketing and media strategy, promotional collateral, event coordination, video/photo production, overall brand management and more. In 2021, we expanded our media production services to […]

2ten Marketing & 2ten Media

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Jaclyn Bustos, Founder 1. What services does your agency offer? 2ten Marketing is a full-service agency focusing on content creation that feeds all aspects of a business’s marketing needs. With the onset of AI, it’s more important than ever to tell stories and educate clients/patients with original, relevant content from the business. 2. Do you […]

DOSSIER: Helen Thompson Media

Helen Thompson Media  Brandon Thompson – President Tell us a little bit about Helen Thompson Media. Since the inception of HTM in 1989, Media has always been our focus. HTM’s core competency is putting our clients’ message anywhere their target audience is consuming media. Measurement is also a pillar for HTM, and with some fancy […]


The PM Group Fran Yanity, President and COO What types of companies or industries does your agency specialize in? For the past 10 years, The PM Group has been recognized as San Antonio’s largest advertising agency by the San Antonio Business Journal. Founded in 1988, our agency’s client roster includes consumer packaged goods, dining, retail, […]