Thriving Through Cancer

  Breast Cancer Saved My Life During a routine breast self exam in the shower, Lisa Bonanni, 54, found the pea-sized lump that would save her life. She saw her doctor, where she received not one, but two shocking diagnoses. Not only did she have stage 2 breast cancer, but she also learned she was […]

Deborah Williamson – Women in Law

Deborah Williamson 1

Deborah Williamson Dykema When Deborah Williamson graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in 1982, the legal field looked very different than it does now.  “When I first started practicing law, women were wearing men’s cut suits, with foppy ties and pantyhose. We were just trying to have a presence in the courtroom,” remembers […]

Ashley Farrimond – Women in Law

Ashley Farrington

Ashley Farrimond Killin, Griffin & Farrimond Ashley Farrimond didn’t know much about the legal world when she first started law school. At the time, Farrimond was simply looking for a way to continue going to school, something that she enjoyed, and law school seemed like as good of an idea as any. When Farrimond graduated […]

Carrie Douglas – Clark Hill Strasburger

Carrie Douglas

Carrie Douglas Clark Hill Strasburger Carrie Douglas wasn’t raised to be a lawyer. In fact, Douglas was groomed from an early age to follow her physician father’s footsteps and go into medicine. Lawyers were thought to be so low on the “food chain” in Douglas’ childhood home that she wasn’t allowed to watch L.A. Law […]

Gayla Corley- Women in Law

WIL DSC6281 Gayla Corley

Gayla Corley Langley & Banack When asked what drew her to a career in the legal field, Gayla Corley answered with candor, “A failed path to medical school.” Interested in medical school, but more proficient in English and history, Corley quickly learned that many of the same set of logic skills used in medicine overlap […]