HC Curated – Boerne

HC Curated – Boerne

Kendall Inn


The Kendall Inn

Courtesy of The Kendall Inn


The history of The Kendall begins April 23, 1859 when John James sold the land to Erastus and Sarah Reed for $200. During this time The Reeds built the center section of the Inn as their home, bringing the Southern Colonial style of architecture to the Texas Hill Country.


Back in the early days, there weren’t regular hotels for travelers. However, the few homeowners of the town shared their spare rooms. This is where the Reed’s hotel tradition began. Renting out their spare rooms in the Old Reed House to horsemen and stagecoach travelers. The grounds around the house served as a wagon yard for ranchers, who penned their cattle in what is now the City Park, awaiting other cattle for a big drive up the trail.


The Kendall is both a Texas and National Landmark and has given shelter to many famous people including President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


The Kendall is inimitably placed along the Cibolo Creek in the heart of Boerne’s downtown historic district. The designs of an 1859 Greek Revival structure allow for an exceptional use of space and environment, creating the most comfortable experience year-round. Located just outside the front doors of the hotel, you will find the trailhead for Cibolo Trail, a beautifully appointed walkway that follows Cibolo Creek and connects to the other end of the Historical District.



Cibolo Trail Sign


The Cibolo Trail

Courtesy of Boerne Parks & Recreation


The Cibolo Trail follows Boerne’s signature waterway, the Cibolo Creek, 1.75 miles from the Waterworks Terrace trailhead behind Main Plaza to the City Park trailhead by the Municipal Pool. The trail continues south past City Park, another 1.4 miles toward Herff Falls. In all, the Cibolo Trail offers a little over 3 miles of scenic walking, biking, and running.


The trail has numerous access points, including several that allow users to move in and out of the historic downtown and famed Hill Country Mile. Past downtown, the trail runs along the entirety of River Road Park. Further still, at the confluence of Cibolo and Currey Creeks, a 150-foot pedestrian bridge nestled amongst the trees offers a birds-eye view of a refreshing waterfall and crystal clear flowing stream just before City Park.




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