Sarah Mills Bailey

Laguna painting

“Laguna” was inspired by the healing nature of water and the beauty of the Pacific Coast.

Sarah Mills Bailey, a native of New Orleans, lives in San Antonio with her husband and daughters. Trained as a scientist with postgraduate studies in microbiology at Tulane University, her artistic endeavors began as crafting household décor from found objects. Using paint and fabric, she applied color as a means of highlighting visual perception of form. Fabric then became the medium, but again the tool was color, along with texture, as she juxtaposed aspects of both in her designs. It was a natural progression to the elemental of abstract art, narrowing the focus to color itself, becoming not just the tool but the object of perception. Her abstract painting, most often layers of acrylic and pastel on canvas, depicts her response to her observations of the world around her, outer with its patterns and inner with its waves of emotion and integration and realignment, always interacting with her life experience.

Instagram: @smbaileyart  |  504-905-8005

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