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Brush Care


By Dora Vera



Hey, you!

With this heat, I hope my tips in the past magazines have helped. In this issue, I wanted to discuss the importance of brush care, which includes shampooing and sanitizing between uses. Since you probably use your brushes only on your face, the idea of brush care may not hold high importance. However, whether you are a professional makeup artist or an everyday woman, sanitation is vital when handling your makeup products!


We don’t ever want to cross-contaminate our products. Sometimes not practicing good makeup hygiene can lead to the build-up of bacteria within products, brushes, and skin. So, first things first! I believe that you should be sanitizing your brushes between uses. Not only does this avoid product build-up within your brushes, but it will help keep brushes healthier for more extended periods. Brushes can be pricey, but I promise if you invest in quality brushes and conduct weekly brush care, some brushes can last you up to ten years! It’s pretty incredible.


One of my favorite products for sanitizing brushes is the Mehron Brush Cleaner or the Art Naturals Makeup Brush Cleaner. Both of these products provide a good cleanse. Now, when it comes to a deep cleansing or shampoo, I go with the Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner. This one is a rinse-free formula and smells excellent. If you don’t want to use this, baby shampoo should suffice. First, run your brushes under lukewarm water and lather a small amount of shampoo until foaming occurs. Next, rinse and lay flat to dry. I recommend doing this every one or two weeks, depending on how often you use your brushes.


I hope these tips helped! Remember, sensitization is key when using makeup.

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