Dossier: Makers Wealth Management

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Dossier: Makers Wealth Management

Why should you partner with Makers Wealth Management?

We have walked many miles in your shoes. We understand the questions and concerns our clients have who are experiencing unexpected life changes. 

We treat each client we support as an individual with unique needs, goals, and challenges. We will be “your team”.

Lisa and Gina, joint owners of Makers Wealth Management are ready to guide you through the most important financial decisions in your life. 

What type of client do you partner with?

Our clients are high achievers who are busy building businesses, raising families and supporting their communities. We understand those demands and the need for individuals to have a trusted, experienced team to guide them through making the important financial decisions of their lives.

What is our “Why”?

We are committed to helping our clients feel empowered and educated about their financial goals. As women, mothers, and business owners, we bring a unique understanding of our clients’ dreams, goals and challenges.

What sets you apart from other financial advisors?

We are a Texas-based, woman-owned, full service financial advisory firm. We provide exceptional client service, comprehensive investment management, in-depth financial planning, and most of all, we serve as your advocate. When you succeed, we succeed.


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