Dossier: Helen Thompson

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Dossier: Helen Thompson

Name and Title: Brandon Thompson – President

Business Name: Helen Thompson Media

Business Address:110 E. Houston St. 7th Floor – San Antonio, TX 78205

Business Phone Number: 210-822-2158

Business Website:

Business Inquiries: 210-687-9471

  1. Tell us a little bit about Helen Thompson Media

Since the inception of HTM in 1989, Media has always been our focus. HTM’s core competency is putting our clients’ message anywhere their target audience is consuming media. Measurement is also a pillar for HTM, and with some fancy mapping and attribution modeling, HTM can track traditional media buys the same way we track digital media buys. It enables HTM to ensure we are spending our clients’ advertising dollars optimally. 

  1. How would you describe HTM’s culture?

Our Chief People Officer would argue that having rich relationships with our team, clients and vendors plays a bigger role in our continued success than our expertise in the industry. Continually building strong, personal relationships is at the forefront of what HTM is about. 

  1. What new trends have you been seeing over the past year?

Probably the craziest thing we have seen is the transition of our clients’ consumer spending into recruitment spending. Almost every one of our clients has some type of recruitment initiative, and some are spending 100% of their marketing dollars in recruitment. It is intriguing to see and has allowed us to learn and become gurus in an entirely new vertical. 

  1. What else do you want our readers to know about HTM?

One thing HTM is very proud of is that we were named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fasted growing private companies. This is a great honor for HTM, especially after consistent growth over 33 years in business. HTM is extremely blessed to work with some fantastic clients who allow us to continuously implement new, exciting marketing tactics to drive big results! It is such a fun time to be in the industry! 

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