Designer Tips: Designing the Perfect Kids’ Spaces


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Designing the Perfect Kids’ Spaces

By Jana Valdez, Allied ASID

Principal Interior Designer

Haven Design and Construction

Photography by Matthew Niemann



Designing a kids’ space doesn’t’ have to be a daunting task! These little balls of energy deserve a space to call their own. I’d like to share a few designer tips with you for creating unique and amazing kids’ spaces for your little ones.

  1. Tip 1: Design for Longevity

Although we would love for our kiddos to stay young forever, they grow up on us! When planning a children’s space, think long-term. The more expensive elements of the room should be able to grow with your child through their teenage years. So, avoid the fairy and cartoon wallpaper and opt for something with long-term appeal, such as a painted wood accent wall or a functional reading nook. You can always incorporate fairies and cartoon characters into your bedding or artwork—items that are easy to update and replace over time.

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  1. Tip 2: Encourage Creativity

When designing for a child’s space, give them room to express their creativity and to create their own “adventures” in their space. A chalkboard wall and built-in bookshelves provide for hours of creative play and learning through reading. What about incorporating a map of the world on the wall and pinning places that you have traveled together? Little minds love to create and learn.

  1. Tip 3: Incorporate Color

Bright colors stimulate little minds and keep the room from becoming too stuffy and grown-up. Color is the perfect opportunity to express your child’s personality and playfulness. Take the opportunity to use bright colors in artwork, bedding, and furniture pieces. Make it fun!


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  1. Tip 4: Make it Personal

What are your child’s interests? Do they love dinosaurs, or space exploration, or maybe butterflies? Build a room around specific interests that your child has to give them a sense of ownership of the room. Think outside of the box…such as a campsite or a painter’s studio. Allow the room to highlight what’s unique about your child’s interests.

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  1. Tip 5: Make it Functional

OK, so cute and cozy is great, but don’t forget function! In a nursery, incorporate blackout window treatments to help baby sleep at naptime and include a comfortable chair in the corner for midnight feedings. In a playroom, add storage for toys and books. Having a functional and organized room can go a long way in easing the mind and the workload of a busy parent.

So, don’t be afraid to go for it! Design a special place for your child that they can grow with and have fun in. After all, they are not little for long!


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