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From left to right: Carol Hunt, Alyssa Tamez Lopez, Erin Clementson

Encore Bank


Opening Doors for a Variety of Mortgage Customers



By Jenny Webster Jurica

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The wide variety of mortgage solutions available for customers is one of Alyssa Tamez Lopez’s favorite things about working for Encore Bank. Operating under the umbrella of Encore Bank’s home loan division, and by utilizing a little creativity and a lot of expertise, Lopez and her team assist customers with their goals of becoming homeowners on a daily basis. 


Lopez, who is Senior Vice President Mortgage Banker at Encore Bank, explains that buying a home is likely one of the most costly, emotional, and impactful decisions that a person makes and can often be very stressful. 


“There’s a lot of emotion involved in home buying, and if you don’t have the right lender, that can make the experience unenjoyable and more stressful,” says Lopez.


“We {at Encore Bank} can’t take all of the stress out, but we try to make the lending experience a positive one. We’ve been doing this long enough that we’ve seen a lot of what not to do. As a result, we’ve crafted specific processes and priorities to help with the operation,” says Lopez. 


Lopez, born and raised in San Antonio, began her career practicing law in New York but recognized early on that real estate was her true calling. The daughter of a real estate agent, she returned home to San Antonio and found her niche in the field when she discovered the mortgage banking side of the industry. 


“When I started as a young mortgage banker, I was a trained attorney learning an entirely new industry.  There is no manual or book that teaches you how to do this job. It took a couple of years to get really good at originating loans, but I was determined and just kept at it.  ” remembers Lopez. 


That determination has guided Lopez through the past 10 years of her career in mortgage lending and inspires her to help her clients to realize the full potential of their financial situation. 


“Different” is the word that best describes Encore Bank and, more specifically, its personal mortgage lending team. This different approach to banking is also one of the paramount reasons that Lopez recently made the transition to this (relatively) young bank that is making waves across the country for its unconventional yet pragmatic approach to lending. 


Amassing a wealth of expertise in finance, lending, and real estate, the team at Encore Bank has unique knowledge and experience advising clients on their finances from a different point of view. Lopez’s team at Encore Bank, which she lovingly refers to as “The Dream Team,” is well-rounded and brings skill sets and expertise to every transaction that you don’t typically find with other lenders. 


“When someone has a good mortgage lending experience, it’s a result of, not just the loan officer but ALL the people that work on the loan from start to finish. That’s a huge reason why our process is so smooth and also why we have repeat customers,” says Lopez. 


“It takes a cohesive team with a mission to serve to create an excellent lending experience, which is what we strive for with every customer we serve,” she added.


Lopez was drawn to Encore Bank, in large part, due to their modern-day approach to banking. While Encore offers the full range of conventional loan products, the bank has also created an extensive line of portfolio loans for those who might not fit into the traditional box when it comes to lending. These products serve a wide range of clients, from those who are self-employed; to physicians, veterinarians and chiropractors who are starting their own practice; as well as special programs for first responders and educators.  This wide array of programs are part of the reason Lopez is able to help a variety of clients find the right loan product for them.   


The success of Encore Bank can also be attributed to how its employees are treated. Carol Hunt, Mortgage Production Officer at Encore Bank, appreciates the investment that Encore makes in not only its customers but also its employees. 

“We are not just employees; we are also owners. All of us are shareholders in the bank, and that inspires us to do our best for each and every customer,” says Hunt.


Erin Clementson, Vice President Business Development Officer for Encore Bank, feels as though Encore Bank is paving the way in so many unique ways that are truly client-centric.


“It’s a breath of fresh air to work in such a motivating environment where the expectation is exceptional customer service, and therefore, our team does what it takes to get deals done and works together to do so,” says Clementson. 


“I have never had so much pride, confidence, and enthusiasm about a workplace and what we have to offer our business partners and clients than I do here. These parameters, matched with two experienced and professional mortgage lenders, make our service unparalleled.”






 Encore Bank

711 Broadway Suite 350, San Antonio, TX 78215

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