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By Dora Vera

I hope the first two months of the year have been good for you. In the last column, I spoke about three simple steps to taking care of your skin, which will help prep for your foundation! When it comes to foundation, a little goes a long way. I’ve found that complexions change the most over the decades. I want to encourage you to stop pointing out the flaws in your skin. We are human! We have pores, texture, and the W-word, wrinkles. These are all signs of life, and we should celebrate that! Focus on the beauty that you have! Every single person has something beautiful about them.
If you are someone who has done your makeup the same for the last decade or more, let me give you a few pointers on creating a no-makeup foundation look!

First: Brushes. Try using a smaller synthetic brush for wet products like a liquid foundation or concealer. Put a little product on the back of your clean hand and tap into your hand with your brush. Rather than covering up your skin, let’s take a look at it. See exactly where you need coverage. If it’s under the eyes, start there. Rosy cheeks, begin with them! Whatever you feel you don’t want to be visible is where you start. In a dabbing motion, once you have saturated the area, begin to pull the foundation outward, so you have a nice gradient fade. If you need more coverage, dip back into the product on the back of your hand and repeat.

Second: Cream blush. I love a good cream blush because I can use them on my cheeks and my lips! We can get a nice, uniform look and use one product for two things! To create symmetry in our blush application, look straight into your eyes and note where your iris is. Align that to your cheek, and place your blush! Blend, with a small synthetic blush, along your cheekbone. If you apply too much, grab your foundation brush and dab around the edges where you want to push back the intensity.

These simple tips will help you achieve a no-makeup look that is truly effortless!

Stay tuned to unlock the secrets of highlighting, and be well.

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Dora Vera, owner of The Look | Makeup & Hair, is a San Antonio native with 10+ years in the hair & makeup application industry. She works with women of all ages around San Antonio, offers one-on-one makeup lessons, and specializes in
the “no makeup, makeup look.”


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