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Gio DiZurita


Photography by af.design07



Giovanna DiZurita is a Mexican-American artist who embraces every painting as a new adventure, allowing her to fall in love with her creations on a daily basis. Her inspiration arises from the colors of nature and the beauty of all living organisms. She believes in the power of attraction and believes her art pieces are a pure representation of abundance and self-love. 

DiZurita describes herself as a “Storyteller” more than a “Visual Artist.” Every brush stroke on the canvas has an intention and energy level that will make you feel the story behind her creations. DiZurita challenges the status quo on every creation jumping from a different array of palettes amongst her series of masterpieces. Her artworks include a range of bright colors to varying degrees of dark gray and black. She uses every color available to illustrate the very essence of the story behind the painting, giving true emotional life to each masterpiece. Her most recent collection called “Dancing with Ghosts” is the perfect example of her storytelling abilities as she takes you back to the magical delight of the Victorian-style festivities. 

DiZurita is an internationally recognized artist, and her collectors are at a global scale. Having a DiZurita painting is a must for every true art collector. 






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