Feature Story: From a Calling to a Career

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From a Calling to a Career

By Meredith Kay

Photography by David Teran

Although many people can claim that they are blessed to be working in a career that is perfectly suited for them, I don’t know how many of us can claim that we felt a “calling” to our current or life-long vocation. However, for the women featured here, their calling came to them at a very young age. Each of them felt it in their souls, and they have followed a path of service to others in their careers, bringing peace, comfort, and often healing to those who need it most.

Feature Gabriela NovDec21
Gabriela de Faria Lira

Pediatric Chaplain for the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Krystal Charles DT1 7550 1
Krystal Charles

U.S. Army Reserves Chaplain

Betsy Buhler

Chaplain to the City, Community Bible Church


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