Business Woman Spotlight: Monica Narváez Trust

Monica Narváez Trust 

Guiding Light Hospice 

Photography by Sissy Martin

What is the biggest misconception of Hospice?
The biggest misconception of Hospice is it’s not just for the last few days or the last two weeks of life. Hospice is designed to care for the patient and give support to the family when there is no more treatment available. It is in fact, the “something more” for someone who has been told nothing more can be done for them.

What services do you offer?
We treat symptoms causing discomfort or distress, such as shortness of breath, pain, and appetite loss. This is just one aspect of hospice care. Hospice uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide a wide range of services. Doctors, nursing staff, social workers, spiritual counselors, dietitians, home health aides, therapists and bereavement counselors work with patients and their families. We provide these services anywhere a patient calls home.

What sets your organization apart from others?
We have a 94% overall satisfaction rate when the national average is 84% and statewide is 82%. That speaks volumes about my entire team. We are a team of very compassionate individuals who focus on quality care that not only includes the patient, but the entire family. 

What is the most rewarding part of your work?
The most rewarding part of my work is being able to make decisions that impact and help those who need it most during a very crucial time in their life.

What career path led you to where you are today?
I followed the path of being true to who I am and doing what I am drawn to do. Serving my community and helping others in their time of need. That might not do it for everybody, but it certainly worked for me. I have truly found fulfillment every day of my life. When you are passionate about making a difference and you work hard, the opportunities do present themselves.

How has your family played a role in your success?
I come from very humble beginnings, and the women in my family have always worked hard to elevate their families to the next level. From my grandmother, mother, aunts, and great aunts, I have always been surrounded by women who have loved me unconditionally and have picked me up when I have failed. Most importantly, having a loving, supportive husband who holds down the fort and understands my work responsibilities has been a blessing.

What is the best advice you ever received?
The best advice is that obtaining your goals are not going to always be easy. There are times when you are just going to have to work harder to reach them. Do not be intimidated by those who are smarter than you or more educated than yourself. You are in their presence for a reason.

Who has influenced you the most in your life or career?
My mother has influenced me the most in all aspects of my life. She was not a scholar or a career professional, but she was a good mother and hard worker through challenging times and circumstances. She served her community and was always available to help others. Her determination to provide for her family serves as my model for serving others. When my mother passed away last November from cancer, it was exceedingly difficult for me emotionally. Even on her last days she did not stop being a mother. She gave me more of her motherly advice. She told me to take care of myself and my family and see the places we would never get to see together. I realize now more than ever that I must continue her legacy in serving others.

Guiding Light Hospice 


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