Beauty Extra: More than a Daily Routine

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Elevate Your Daily Routine With Thoughtful Intentions

By Dora Vera

The world of makeup is colorful and exciting, but this chasm is not a familiar one to all. For me, makeup is a ritual that is all-encompassing which means my skincare is at the foundation of this beautiful practice. It allows me an area of my life I can be consistent with and helps me to start my day with gratitude and intention. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s easy to get swept up in the chaos and forget about taking care of yourself, but implementing even a small routine in the morning will make all the difference to help you slow down and start your day balanced. This is YOUR time to pamper and take care of yourself, even if it’s just 5 minutes.

How often do you tell yourself you’re beautiful? That you are a go-getter? That you are worthy of everything you desire? Probably not as often as you’d like to hear, right? Self-validation and reassurance are some of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and it’s a gift you deserve EVERY DAY! I’d like to challenge you to explore your skincare/ makeup routine as an expression of self-love and care, to take a couple of moments to be selfish, to pour love into being yourself.

In the morning I enjoy massaging my face with a delicate cleanser that smells of geranium, bergamot, and rosebud while speaking kind words over myself and my day. With every circular motion, I repeat whatever I am struggling with, whether it’s being in a rut, not believing I am good enough, or feeling like I’m not doing enough then I tell myself “You are worthy, you are kind, you are doing enough” then when I pat my skin dry I say “ You are beautiful, you are beautiful, you are beautiful”. After I finish my skincare, I continue with my makeup application and instead of racing through my everyday makeup look, I slow down and really look at myself. When I do my eyes I think, “I will see whatever comes at me today with a positive view and will not let adversity change that.” When I do my lips I think “I will think before I speak and not say anything negative”. These little practices are a great way to elevate our mindset and allow us to move through the day more peacefully. If you feel overwhelmed by a vigorous routine, don’t forget, just a couple of minutes is all you need. Find something that works for you and run with it. Then watch all the love you thought you lost come running back to you.

Dora Vera, owner of The Look | Makeup & Hair, is a San Antonio native with 10+ years in the hair & makeup application industry. She works with women of all ages around San Antonio, offers one-on-one makeup lessons, and specializes in
the “no makeup, makeup look.”


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