At Home Extra: Fall in Love with Your Closet!

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Fall in Love with Your Closet!


By Carlissa Montoya



Most people think of the closet as that space in your home to store stuff, it never has enough room, and you keep the doors kept tightly shut because it is an eyesore.


I believe the closet should be that special space to store all the belongings that make you feel good, and it should have plentiful space for all your wardrobe needs. It is your personal boutique, it is organized, and you keep the doors left open because it’s a part of your home that you love.


A beautiful and functional custom closet will double your closet space and calm the chaos of everyday life.


Consider each of these ideas when designing your custom closet and turn your wardrobe from a dreaded room in the house into a beautiful and personalized space.



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Hardware is the jewelry to custom cabinetry. Keep in mind the scale, style, and finish you choose. Your hardware should act as a complement to your cabinetry and should complement the rest of your home.



Keep it Neat

With a custom storage solution, you will add up to three times as much storage space. Compartmentalize your wardrobe and other items by color or style. This will help keep your closet neat and clean. The right clothes hanger will keep your wardrobe tidy and in good condition. It optimizes your storage space and gives your closet an organized and uniform look. Everything in its place will keep your closet organized.



Light it up!

Lighting changes everything. Lighting improves your ability to see and find what you’re looking for. Whether you incorporate lighting within the design or adding a chandelier, lighting will make a massive difference in your space. It creates a great ambiance and mood.



Color and Pattern

There are a few simple ways to add color and pattern. Painting your walls a different shade will give great contrast to your custom closet. Wallpaper is another great way to add color and pattern. Subtle or bright? Whimsical or bold? You choose!



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By adding a mirror to your closet, you will make your closet space feel more prominent, and it helps create more lighting. Full-length mirrors are the perfect way to check the total effect of your clothes before heading out for the day.




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Carlissa Montoya is the spirit and expertise behind CM Closet Design. She features Classy Closets
products in her assortment of offerings.


Her professional background spans over two decades in the luxury retail and lifestyle industry.
Carlissa has combined her passion, knowledge, and resources to launch CM Closet Design LLC, a
full-service custom storage design company specializing in custom closets and home storage design.

Contact us:

office 210-664-0020



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