Women in Law: Jamie L. Graham

Jamie L. Graham

Sr. Litigation Attorney

Jamie Graham & Associates, PLLC

Jamie Graham has more than twenty years of legal experience and a well-earned reputation for excellence. Mrs. Graham has earned multiple awards for her excellence and dedication as an attorney. Most of her clients are retained through referrals from current clients and, many times, from the former spouses of clients. You can rely on receiving accurate information and experienced advice from Mrs. Graham. Her priority is to ensure that you have the information and advice you need from an experienced attorney to make informed decisions throughout the family law process. Mrs. Graham specializes in representing members of the United States military and their spouses in family law cases as certain factors involved with military divorce and family law matters differ considerably from civilian matters. There are specific laws in place to address some of these issues, laws that only apply in military cases, such as the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA). 

Jamie Graham & Associates, PLLC, is a law firm dedicated to helping men and women throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas in divorce and other family matters. We earn your trust through honest, skilled, and diligent representation. We earn it by learning about your specific situation and objectives and then putting in the hours of work necessary to achieve your goals.

“When I was young, I saw my parents go through a very nasty divorce. It had a profound effect on me, and I became a family law attorney to help others, especially children, avoid going through that experience, if possible.”

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Jamie Graham & Associates, PLLC

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