The Habits of a Healthy Family

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By Duane Snape, MA LPC

The family is the single most important influence in the life of a child. Today’s families look much different than they did ten years ago, and they are much more complex and diverse. There is no longer one dominant family form. Despite what the family unit may look like today, it is critically important for the family to have healthy practices for all of its members. The benefits of a healthy family are long-lasting and promote wellness. 

Healthy families laugh, manage stress, instill core values, promote strong, secure attachments, discipline, structure, independence, and positive relationships, and offer a safe space for mistakes, communication, and trust. Children learn about relationships from their own family, and a healthy family gives children a solid foundation to build upon. 

Children are the most vulnerable family members. From their first moments of life, they depend on parents and family to protect, nurture, model, mentor and provide for their daily needs. The family is a child’s first teacher, and the healthier the family, the more likely the child will become a healthy adult.

The habits of a healthy family can promote balance in the life of its members and strengthen the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual parts of the family. A healthy family builds the confidence and esteem of all its members, values quality relationships, and makes an effort to spend time together. 

When deciding what your family’s healthy goals should be, there are a few things to consider. Being strategic and intentional when establishing your family’s healthy goals is critical. Try to include every member when coming up with your healthy family goals, and like any other goal, it is always good to revisit and re-evaluate every thirty days or as often as you need to. Here are a few healthy habits you can incorporate into your own family’s practices:

Be active and go outside as often as possible

Eat healthy foods and drink enough water daily

Limit sodas, caffeine, and sugar

Communicate by looking, listening, and touching

Talk about your feelings and be vulnerable

Limit screen and TV time; Have No-Phone Zones.

Establish bedtimes, schedules, and sleep hygiene

Promote intellectual curiosity

Promote emotional wellness

Promote spiritual wellness

Practice Family Fun Activities

Celebrate old family traditions, and begin new traditions

End your day together

Build community within your home

Appreciate, be thankful, and have gratitude for the family, people, and things you do have in your life.

At Chosen For Hope Counseling, we recognize the importance of a healthy family in today’s world. People who are more hopeful and optimistic are more likely to engage in positive, healthy behaviors and take better care of themselves. We walk with our clients to motivate and inspire them to achieve their healthiest life. 

Our mission at Chosen For Hope Counseling Incorporated is helping people rediscover hope with culturally competent providers who practice a variety of holistic therapy modalities for individuals and families. We offer comprehensive psychological and mental health counseling services to help a wide array of behavioral, adaptive, and psychiatric problems. If you are suffering from symptoms of PTSD, depression, suicide, impulsivity, ADHD, trauma, or psychosocial problems, consider Chosen for Hope Counseling in San Antonio, Texas, for all your behavioral health needs.

Please send us an email so we can help; we’d love to talk:

Please go to our website or visit us on Facebook @Chosen4Hope and Instagram to find out more about us. 

To set up an appointment, please call us at (210) 547-8090. 


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