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By Dora Vera

The Look | Makeup & Hair




With summer right around the corner and temperatures climbing into the high 90’s, we must start taking extra precautions in protecting our skin from overexposure to UVA/UVB rays. Ultraviolet rays have the potential to damage your skin microbiome, making you more susceptible to pathogens. Many sunscreens on the market contain harmful, unregulated chemicals that act as hormone disruptors, such as Oxybenzone.


The FDA recognizes two ingredients as safe and effective: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, so it’s best to look for sunscreens with these as the primary/active ingredient. As a makeup artist, it is my responsibility to keep my clients’ skin safe and healthy. Finding a clean and natural sunscreen that offers adequate protection may seem tedious, but keep in mind sunscreen is only one form of protection and should be the last line of defense. You can be vigilant by wearing head coverings, sunglasses, lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, and avoid exposure when the UV radiation is at its highest.



Beauty Tip: Some foundations offer limited protection from the sun that may be paired with an SPF powder, which can be reapplied every two hours for optimal coverage!

Dora Vera, owner of The Look | Makeup & Hair, is a San Antonio native with 10+ years in the hair & makeup application industry. She works with women of all ages around San Antonio, offers one-on-one makeup lessons, and specializes in the “no makeup, makeup look.”



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