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How many of you have considered making some big changes recently? Whether mild or dramatic, inevitably we all pivot at some point in our lives. Pivots in our personal lives may mean changes in diet or lifestyle, shifts in mindset or beliefs or transitions within relationships. Professionally, a pivot can equate to a career change or a change in a business model. We’ve talked about passion before and pivoting is an endeavor in which you most definitely want to focus on your passion in order to kickstart growth and induce change.. 

Dr. Cheryl Robinson, Regular Contributor, ForbesWomen and Founder of Ready2Roar, says that “Although there is fear in the uncertainty of pivoting, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience.” This is important to remember because oftentimes a pivot equates to an emotional letdown that can be damaging to the ego. You must know and understand yourself, be willing to test alternatives, and have a clear, strong vision. 

Self-reflection is a wonderful first step toward assessing, reevaluating, and making positive changes in life. Keep in mind–it’s important to be aware of any cognitive distortions you may be experiencing when evaluating the potential changes you’ll be making. Perfectionists may find something imperfect and wrong in every single aspect of their lives. If this sounds like you, give yourself a break and make sure you’re only competing with yourself and not comparing yourself to others.

Ultimately, the strategy of pivoting is worth considering as a viable option to transform your life. Although change often accompanies emotional hardships the end result will be worth it–and you just may learn something wonderful about yourself.

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  1. I think the uncertainty of 2020 has caused a lot of pivoting for people. For me it certainly has. Pivoting reminds me of polishing or fine-tuning that comes with age or wisdom. Sometimes it happens over time and sometimes in a moment. I agree with what you wrote…it’s worth it in the end.

  2. TI can be so challenging to let go, dissappointment can be intense. But you’re so right, that’s *totally* ego. Some of the highest-achieving people made more than one pivot before they found their way to achieving success. Great article!

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