Katherine Fontenot & Jenna Stoeltje

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Katherine Fontenot, Director of Construction at Weston Urban, recently revisited her first construction project, the historic Hays County Courthouse.

“I remember standing at the top of the scaffolded rotunda as they reworked the copper exterior with zero knowledge about this industry, but with a whole lot of heart,” said Fontenot.

“Now, standing on the other side of many completed projects and looking back to some amazing people who guided my path, it makes me beam with excitement at the possibility of guiding others,” exclaimed Fontenot.

After a successful career in mainstream construction, Fontenot found her way back to a career in commercial development. It is there that Fontenot finds herself in the role of mentor to Jenna Stoeltje, a development associate at Weston Urban.

A lifelong interest in architecture led Stoeltje to seek management roles within the company.

“She [Fontenot] made space for me to join her in managing projects. She opened those doors for me to get involved in the project management side of the business,” said Stoeltje.

“Jenna has a fantastic eye for spatial relationships and finishes, especially in the historic realm, and loves to research in order to help us steer the architectural approach for the design,” Fontenot said.

“I’m trying to teach her everything I can about getting the most out of your contractors, and that great workmanship makes the building something to showcase,” she added.

“It is my hope that Jenna is learning to love all aspects of construction, and that she feels especially rewarded in her role with our historic treasures,” added Fontenot.




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