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We all find ourselves in tough situations throughout different seasons of our lives, but never has the saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” been more crucial to our psyche and our well-being. Building a business is challenging in and of itself. Growing an international nonprofit organization in the midst of a global pandemic is enough to incite fear, panic, and, even worse, self-doubt. Expect questions such as, “How will I start?”; Who will listen?”; “How do I generate interest?”; “How do I create sustainability?” to speed through your mind at Mach 5.

Offering yourself a different lens through which to look at the current state of the times can actually provide the fuel needed to push through the doubt and tension in order to create or reimagine something new in regard to a brain spark or a life-long passion.

In fact, I suggest that now may be the best time to jump in feet first and explore new possibilities. Take some time to daydream about new ideas (or old ones that have been spinning around your brain for years).  Then – get a move on! Read articles by women who have worked hard to make their dreams come true. Watch videos of speakers who present objectives and solutions to following your bliss. Talk to respected friends and mentors. Fun, positive feedback is always encouraging; however, in the midst of all the “You go girl!” and “You’ve got this!” motivational cheers, it’s crucial to find a friend or mentor who not only lifts you UP, but offers sound advice and constructive criticism. Remember, too, in this age of variability, consistently monitoring your pivot strategy will enable you to navigate the economic and social landscapes. Developing qualities such as flexibility and adaptability will help you build your dream while also helping you evolve and blossom mind, body, and soul.

Growing Room Redux has been the most exciting time of my life.  As this nonprofit’s reach expands across the globe, I often have to remind myself to slow down a bit and remember the importance of consistently visualizing, revisiting, and acknowledging the dream and how it’s all coming to fruition. I had coffee with a friend yesterday and she reminded me that she and I are in each other’s lives not only to provide friendship and encouragement, but to truly enrich one another’s lives. Enrich. Stop and think about that. Consider who, when you are going through a season of despair, unknowing or self-doubt, will listen to you, help you explore your ideas in the deepest dimensions while allowing you to express yourself authentically in order to achieve your desires and goals.

So: begin writing that book, start that business, reinvent yourself, delve into your truest self with a friend, and, most importantly, trust yourself in the process. We have all overcome obstacles and we will again.

By: Susie Vybiral

CEO/Founder Room Redux

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  1. Wonderful article Susie!! So excited for you and what lies ahead. Having known you for 30 years and how much you have overcome, you have much to share to the world and the world is listening… <3

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