Celebrating your Womanhood


It can be incredibly easy to live our day-to-day lives and forget how amazing it truly is to be a woman. With femininity comes strength, beauty, power, and intuition among other traits that allow each of us to be unique, yet bonded by similarities. If you’re in need of a reminder, here are a few ways to celebrate being a woman!

Practice Self-Love

Nothing allows you to celebrate your womanhood quite like self-love and self-care, both of which begin and end with you. Taking the time to truly cherish and love who you are inside and out will leave you feeling empowered and will send a positive message to those around you as well. Thankfully, self-care comes in many forms and will only boost the love you have for yourself at the end of the day. Whether it’s something as simple as making time for additional rest after a long day, standing up for your beliefs, or looking at your reflection and reminding yourself of everything that makes you the wonderful woman you are, it’s important to practice daily self-love on some level or another.

Own Your Yoni

You might be thinking to yourself, what in the world is a yoni? A yoni is just another word for your vagina, and there is no way to have true woman power than to own what you’ve got. More often than not conversations surrounding vaginal health, menstruation, and lady topics alike are skirted around because they’re considered taboo rather than what they are, totally normal!

To own your yoni, begin by taking part in those conversations that many avoid. Shed light on the fact that many tampon companies aren’t required to disclose their ingredients, and provide those around you with information on safe and sustainable alternatives, such as a menstrual cup. Many menstrual cups, like this one here, are made of silicone and therefore are free of BPAs and other toxic chemicals that might be found in other feminine products.

Surround Yourself with Good Company

They say that there is power in numbers, and you will find that having a strong support system can come in handy, especially during those times when you are feeling low. Among the many benefits of having a circle of people to rely on, they can also be there to conquer your losses and celebrate your wins, together. Of course, even if you have your set group of people, there are always ways to strengthen your support system. Take time to tell the women in your life why you love and support them to ensure they know they’re appreciated, and they will be more inclined to return the favor.

Support Women in the Community

What better way to celebrate your womanhood than to support the women around you? Supporting female entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians is a great way to show some love and a silent way of saying “girl power!” Take the time to do your research, as there are many female small-owned businesses and self-employed women that are on their grind to make a living.

This list of women-owned businesses by Forbes is just the tip of the iceberg, but by doing your own digging you might just find your next favorite clothing boutique or a new artist to share with all of your friends.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways you can celebrate your womanhood! Maybe you decide to go on a girls trip, or you find new ways to embrace your femininity. No matter how you decide to celebrate, just remember that being a female is something to be celebrated every single day and you should never allow anyone to quiet your pride.

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