Ken & Terry Folawn, Owners

What is your business philosophy?

Community — Always give more

Caring — Emotional connection with our guests

Consistency — Non-negotiable standards of our team

Signature Services:

• Guest care is truly our signature – We have a satisfaction guarantee policy.

• Our Beard Facial (perfect for No-shave November)

• Aveda Facials – Customized for your personalized skin care needs and include the AVEDA rituals

What is the most common question asked by clients?

Do you have online booking? We have online booking.  You can also buy gift cards and home care products at You can book on our Free app – Pocket Salon, here you can see your service provider’s availability.

We also have last minute deals at

Why is self-care important?

It’s like being on an airplane and the flight attendant tells you “in case of an emergency put your air mask on first.” — You must take care of yourself, so you are able take care of everyone else.

What is a great self-care regimen to start now that will still work in ten years?

Caring for the largest organ in your body…Your Skin. Use a good moisturizer daily, get regular facials & massages, and drink plenty of water.

Why should women come to you?

We want to empower women by making them look and feel their best. If they are looking for an ultimate oasis where you can be with friends and truly relax, this is your place.

Is there anything you would like women to know about your industry?

It’s not all created equal, do your research. Find a Salon/Spa that fits YOU and your needs.

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