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What Skin Type Am I?



Most women are aware there are three different types of skin: dry, oily, and combination. Most have probably heard of the “T Zone” where oil tends to percolate if you have that issue.

But if a dermatologist sits you down and asks, “What type of skin do you have?” Are you confident in your answer? Or are you kind of just guessing like everybody else? We did a deep dive into the ways to tell the type of skin you have, and then a few products you can try to remedy any maladies.


If you’re glancing up close at your skin and can see fine lines and wrinkles, chances are your skin is thirsty for moisture. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 92, moisturizing is essential to any skincare routine. Just as the oily skin types, make sure your cleanser isn’t stripping your skin, but then you absolutely must invest in a high quality night cream for maximum hydration. Colleen Rothschild’s cult favorite intense hydrating mask is an excellent option, and can be used overnight for particularly dry skin. The clean scent is delightful, and you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a Texas-based brand!


If you have oily skin, you’ll normally see a shine to your skin by lunchtime most days. You’ll notice this oil tending to gather in that dreaded “T Zone”, the area forming a “T” if you draw a horizontal line across your forehead and a vertical line from your nose to your chin. Your cheeks can also become oily at times, depending on environmental and hormonal factors. If you have oily skin, investing in a gentle cleanser is key. Contrary to popular belief, face oil or oil-based cleansers do not automatically add oil to your face in a negative way, and foaming cleansers can often be too harsh. These strip away necessary moisture from your skin and cause your pores to continue OVER-producing oil to make up the difference. Not good. Opt for a rebalancing cleanser like Tula’s Purifying cleanser that contains tons of probiotics to rehydrate and nourish stressed-out pores.


It goes without saying, but combination skin is probably your type if you notice an oily chin but dry cheeks. Or if you notice acne breakouts due to hormones but still need extra moisture for fine lines and wrinkles. Combination skin can make you feel like you’re stuck in the middle, but multi-masking should be your new best friend. In other words, use one mask for the oily or troubled section of your skin, and another mask to target fine lines and wrinkles as needed. You can apply both at the same time in a sort of patchwork across your face, but you’ll notice the difference when your skin is getting what it needs, where it needs it! Try Boscia’s Charcoal Pore Pudding for areas where skin needs to detoxify, and Valmont’s Prime Renewing Pack where anti-aging and hydration is the biggest concern.

Your dermatologist can also recommend specific products for your individual skin type, and it’s never guaranteed that your skin needs won’t change over time. Stress, hormones, diet, and environment all play a role in how our body’s largest organ functions, so take the time to pay attention to your skin and how you can help it look its best!


By Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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