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How resale is reshaping the fashion industry, even in San Antonio


We’ve all heard the story of the New York fashion lover who spends her entire first official paycheck on that Prada coat she’s been coveting. Or the businesswoman who lands her first big client and runs off to buy a full price Louis Vuitton tote. But what if there was another, perhaps even more memorable way to land the designer fashion of your dreams? Luxury consignment and subsequent thrifty shopping has been on the rise as consumers shift towards sustainable and frugal options for their clothing and accessory budgets.

But for many, bargain hunting feels at once overwhelming and time-consuming. Digging through piles of discarded clothing isn’t everyone’s idea of a fabulous weekend, and there are many who claim they don’t have the golden touch of landing on a killer deal each time they venture out. We talked to two San Antonio businesswomen who are redefining resale in our city and found out their best tips for finding that diamond in the rough.

Brandi Deemer is a Luxury Manager for The RealReal, the leader in the online luxury consignment space. Based locally in San Antonio, she says the best part of buying resale is finding something unique.

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Brandi Deemer

“It’s treasure hunting,” says Deemer. “But even more importantly, I feel amazing working for a company that believes so strongly in sustainability and the circular economy. Consigning means I’m cutting back on waste. We are circulating or repurposing what is already out there, and that’s an amazing reason to shop consignment.”

As for folks who might turn up their noses at consignment, Deemer says she sees it as sophisticated. “You can feel good about shopping consignment,” she says. “It’s progressive, it’s super fun, and it’s no different from buying estate jewelry or art from an auction house or antique furniture. It’s just more accessible to everyone today.”

MOSS San Antonio just recently opened their second location in June, their first located in Austin. Owner Masha Poloskova says the most successful thrifters are open-minded.

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Masha Poloskova

“Try not to have something specific in mind when you shop resale,” she suggests. “It’s best to browse and fall in love with something unexpected. If you like to collect, it’s smart to be on the hunt for labels that don’t lose their value. Think Chanel or Phoebe Philo-era Céline.”

As for her foray into the San Antonio market, Poloskova says, “I am so excited to introduce MOSS to the fashionable ladies of San Antonio! We offer a very personalized experience and pride ourselves in excellent customer service. We are also very selective in the items we accept and curate an artful collection throughout the year.”

Whether online or in person, designer goods are now available at most price points with quality and authenticity at the forefront of most consumer’s minds. It’s a fantastic option for those on a budget, or to stretch your dollar a smidge further. And regardless, the thrill of the hunt will always entertain even the most cynical shopper!


By Aquila Mendez-Valdez


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