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‘Texicanas’ star Mayra Farret shares her skincare and makeup tips

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This May, San Antonio is abuzz with excitement as Bravo kicks off a new reality TV series centered on local women who are navigating life as ‘Texicanas’. The show follows the drama as they balance motherhood, careers, and high society, all while trying to stay true to their Mexican roots in a Texas culture. We wanted to know from one of the show’s stars, Mayra Farret, how her beauty routine has lent itself to TV fame.

San Antonio Woman: Hi Mayra! Describe your makeup routine – how does it differ for evening and daytime?

Mayra Farret: I exercise a lot during the day, unless I have an event, I don’t use any make up at all. I like to detox my face and let the pores breath while I exercise. When I do use make up though, I try to always accent my eyes and lips. 

I love the 60’s inspired makeup; Audrey Hepburn’s style is my favorite. Chantecaille eyeliner is fantastic to create that iconic cat eye. When it comes to eyeshadow, during the day I like soft and earthier tones to look more “natural.” 

My favorite palette is Laura Mercier’s “Extreme Neutrals” Color Palette. During the night I like to do smoky tones and the YSL “Tuxedo¨ Color Palette,” it’s sexy and elegant at the same time. For mascara I use Lancome’s Monsieur Big; it gives your lashes the perfect volume and an amazing length with just a little bit of product. If I am feeling very glam, I like to finish my makeup with a face illuminator; Laura Mercier’s is my favorite! They have a collection called “L’amour Exotique” that has the most amazing palette.

SAW: You’ve got 5 minutes to get ready — what do you do?

MF: Concealer, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I love bright lips! I really don’t really care if it’s day or night, I feel like they give my face a touch of youth. NARS’ lipstains are the best! You can count on them lasting for hours.

SAW: What’s the one beauty product you absolutely cannot live without?

MF: I have always suffered from dark circles and eye bags so the eye concealer is my most important asset; I love LaMer’s eye concealer.  Also, when I need a little extra help I do a little extra hydration underneath it. I personally like the “Eye Contour Mask” from Sisley. 

SAW:  What’s one beauty hack you swear by?

MF: I love massaging my face and especially under my eyes with the jade eye and face roller. I always keep it in the freezer and when I apply my serum, I enjoy giving myself a mini massage on my face with it.  It helps with any swelling or tiredness I might have.

SAW: What advice would you give to San Antonio women when it comes to beauty?

MF: Never hesitate on taking care of your skin. You can own many expensive designer clothes, bags and shoes, but you only have one face to wear; take care of it. Make time to get enough rest and pamper yourself from time to time. Also, drink lots of water!

SAW: Any tricks or tips you learned from the show for makeup?

MF: I was never good at applying makeup by myself, but I learned that having a good set of makeup brushes is very helpful to create all sorts of effects. You can find amazing sets at the drugstore for a very decent price; e.l.f. is one of my favorite brands.


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