Living Coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year

& Your New Best Friend for Spring

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PANTONE Color of the Year 2019 Living Coral

The Pantone Color Institute started declaring a particular color the trendiest, the most symbolic, or simply a sign of the times in 2000, but the annual selection truly caught fire with the advent of social media and our incessant desire to know what’s “in.” The first Color of the Year was Cerulean if you’re wondering, and the 2019 choice is Living Coral. We spoke with two style experts in San Antonio to find out how this color can be added to your beauty routine, and if it reflects a greater trend in society as a whole.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Sugar Coral Tinted
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Sugar Coral Tinted

Axelle Francine-Parker is the newly minted founder and CEO of Le Petit Med Spa in Leon Springs, just past La Cantera and The Rim. The facility boasts a remarkable number of holistic services encompassing styling, facials, body treatments, and much more. Francine-Parker says Living Coral is a color anyone can wear because anyone can wear any color. “It just has to be in the right amount and in the right item,” she says. “This particular color is great to add into your makeup: lipstick and glosses, even nail polish.”

As for any product that may not look flattering in this shade, Francine-Parker only recommends staying away from eye shadow. “Don’t try to match the color in multiple areas, bring it in only once in your outfit or makeup,” she says. “San Antonians will embrace Living Coral because it’s an uplifting and cheerful shade that can be used for brunch or outdoor events.” 

butter london official pantone 2019 nail lacquer
butter LONDON Official Pantone 2019 nail lacquer

For a gateway product to test the new shade on yourself, try a lip tint or sheer gloss before moving up to matte or hyper-pigmented lipsticks.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn
Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn
Nars Blush in Torrid
Nars Blush in Torrid

Julian Gold Vice President of Marketing Courtney Percy says she believes cosmetic brands have to be thrilled with the Pantone color choice. “It’s a much more wearable choice than last year’s ultraviolet,” she says. “Coral makeup has a natural peachy hue that neutralizes the skin’s own undertones, warming your natural complexion.” It’s a gorgeous combination for blush in particular, and there are two routes to try depending on your skin preferences. For a dewy finish, try Glossier’s cult-favorite cloud paint with just a few dabs and blend along the cheekbone. If a powder is more your style, NARS’ Torrid shade is a warm coral with golden shimmer. Practically begging to be your new spring and summer go-to.

Perhaps most endearing of all is the purpose behind Pantone’s choice. Besides being on trend, it’s also culturally relevant. “I love how Pantone chose Living Coral to represent our oceans and to bring awareness about their current status,” says Francine-Parker. Percy adds, “I think it is a refreshing choice. It pairs well with other colors and fits in nicely with Spring 2019 fashion trends.”

Coral fish

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