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The Beauty Intentions San Antonio Women are Making in the New Year

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While many San Antonio women have goals of losing weight or reading more in the New Year, we wanted to know if they’re also making promises to themselves when it comes to their beauty routine. What should you be incorporating into your morning and evening rituals for better skin in 2019? How can switching up your habits lead to a clearer complexion and your best year yet?

Here’s what they had to say:

beauty pooja palimar

Pooja Palimar

“Being a Mom of three, galloping across the globe, working full time, and having to drop everything for a meeting or conference call with a moments notice, my skincare routine has to be as easy as possible. With Nivea face cream, it’s just that. My goal is to apply it every night to my hands and face for an entire month. It makes my skin look like I have slept a full 8 hours, that I had the perfect cappuccino every morning, and that I’m 10 years younger!” – Pooja Palimar, Owner, The Au Pair Concierge

beauty olivia villa

Olivia Villa

Professional makeup artist and 2018 San Antonio Fashion Award Makeup Innovator of the Year, Olivia Villa of Liv Beautified knows sticking to a skin care routine can feel like a hassle — especially after a long day. She says, “Sticking to your plan is definitely possible — just make it easy to implement (organization is key. Remember, the best way to see the results you’re looking for is through consistency.” “Put aside extra time to pamper yourself daily,” Villa says. “Taking time for yourself can make a serious difference in your mental clarity and send your confidence soaring.”

beauty gabbymata

Gabby Mata

“I’ve been strict since I turned 14, and my mom traumatized me with the possibility of acne. I have a strict 7-9 step regimen. I take biotin and drink green tea. But I want to make a goal of getting one facial a month in 2019.” – Gabby Mata, Blogger, San Antonio Love List

beauty shylerleon

Shyler Leon

“I’m going to start doing face and neck exercises. I used to laugh at my mom doing them in the mirror, and her mom does them as well. But the proof is in the pudding: to this day they both still have toned and firm necks and faces.” – Shyler Leon, Realtor, Keller Williams


By Aquila Mendez-Valdez


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