San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery, PA

Delio Ortegon MD, President, San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery, PA


We specialize in a very personalized approach to consultations, each often taking 30 minutes or more. This allows us to truly listen to what patients are looking for. Patients often lack the descriptors for what they want so sitting and really listening to their desires makes for better outcomes.


We are leaders in our industry and have consistently performed at the top 2% of all plastic surgery practices in the US. Dr. Ortegon has consistently been listed in Texas Monthly’s Top Doctors issues as well as in local listings for top surgeons.


Do your homework. Trust in doctors who are board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. They have the training and insight to assure that you will get the result that you seek. The constantly evolving technologies and how they affect the delivery of patient outcomes make my job exciting.

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