Jennifer L. Scroggins

What do you like best about your job?
My job is equally rewarding for not only my clients but also myself. The experiences we’ve shared have allowed me to build relationships to last a lifetime. My job allows me a tremendous amount of flexibility-the sky is the limit! I am the boss, I am in control of my future, and have the perfect mix to truly have work-life balance, and FUN along the way!

What career path led you to where you are today?
Like most in my profession, not many “sign up” to be a financial advisor, mainly because it’s a tough job, and having perseverance and commitment are key to your success. Basically, I found myself compelled to share my personal story with others who have been in my shoes. 20 Years ago, I had made the decision to become a single mother of 2 young children-yes Divorced. I had very difficult challenges ahead-tough financial and emotional decisions to make and I knew there were other women who had experience similar situations, yet felt they had nowhere to turn. Through education, I have given women confidence in making those tough decisions and I have centered my practice around helping those women face these same personal and professional decisions.

What did you want to be growing up?
Ironically enough, I wanted to be an archeologist growing up. I was always fascinated to learn about where we came from, how we settled, and how our thoughts and beliefs mold us today.

What is the best advice that you have ever received?
(If you are a mother of Adult Millennials you’ll understand this) Your children want and desire to be independent, so let them be. And when they make mistakes understand your children must learn form THEIR own mistakes and not YOURS.

What community groups or nonprofit groups do you support?
I am a board member of SLEW, an organization formed over 10 years ago who offer support lending and emotional wellness for underprivileged women who are faced with breast cancer. I also am an active member of Impact SA. I truly thrive on the power women have when we come together for a cause!

What do you do to relax outside of work?
I am in love with the outdoors! I run 6 miles every day. Ride my mountain bike around town on the weekends. I play tennis weekly (in a 40+ league) with my sister! And in the winter months, I go play in the snow!

What is your favorite event in San Antonio during the summer and why?
My favorite event is attending any summer concert outdoors. Live music is fun and very relaxing!

What do you think makes being a “San Antonio Woman” so special?
I have lived in all the major cities in Texas and San Antonio is undoubtedly the friendliest city in Texas, or heck anywhere for that matter! We are a warm and welcoming community and often coined as a “Big Small Town.” We are full of giving, sharing, and overall love for each other and our community and that makes me a very proud “San Antonio Woman.”

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