The Unsung Heroes of Women’s History Month – Part 1

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Editor's Note | 0 comments

It has been thirty- one years since Women’s History Month was first designated to honor the accomplishments of American Women every March.  In San Antonio, we are surrounded by amazing female leaders throughout our city offices and businesses.  Here at San Antonio Woman, we are honored to share those stories with each issue.


However, I would also like to honor the women who are not leading companies or in political office, but those women who work tirelessly to serve family and community in ways which bring less attention in the spotlight.  Throughout this month, I would like to share some of those stories.


Today, I want to begin with all the women who are caretakers for older family members.  So many are working jobs, taking care of family at home, but, also have the tiresome job of being designated the main caregiver for one who is ill or elderly…or both.   I even have a friend who has served as caregiver for two parents, parents in law, and a special needs sibling all at the same time.   It is an emotional and exhausting task.  Sometimes, the job involves knowing and fighting legalities with insurance and medical needs.  Others will tell of the difficulties of handling a relative who is literally losing their minds to dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.  The caregiver rarely has time to process their own sense of loss as they work through changes in the people they love so much.


These women…the care takers…are true heroes.  They have sacrificed so much of their time… energies…finances…and personal comfort to make certain family is taken care of until the end of life.   Our magazine staff would like to acknowledge you during this month for women, and say thank you on behalf of the community.


You are women of strength and courage.


Please tell us below if you know someone who does this and you would like to acknowledge them by name….then…


Keep Smiling, Everyone!

-Pamela Lutrell


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