Looking to Find an Important Woman During the Final Four

The brackets have been busted and the trophies held high. Now it is time to welcome fans and family of the Kansas Jayhawks, Villanova Wildcats, Loyola Ramblers, and Michigan Wolverines to San Antonio for the Final Four. The streets downtown are soon to be packed and the city is feeling the excitement everywhere.

But, there is one woman I would like to welcome to SA, and I hope to run into her somewhere. Just so I can say, thank you for your inspiration, dedication, and role modeling to women of all ages. I am talking about Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt. The Loyola basketball team’s chaplain and number one fan. Sister Jean was a trailblazer herself as a woman’s basketball player in the 1930’s, and she is still loving the sport. She is 98-years-old and sits on the sidelines in her wheelchair, due to a hip injury. However, she has all of the excitement and enthusiasm of a 20- year- old. She is the next woman I want to honor during Women’s History Month.

She prays with the team before each game, and makes sure to pray for the fans, the referees, and even the opponents. These must be powerful prayers because this Cinderella basketball team was not predicted to be here in our city. Yet, here they are.

So, we welcome everyone to San Antonio. Let us know if we can be of service…and, Sister Jean, I have some prayer requests to pass along if you have the time.

We will watch for you on our city streets, and say thank you for giving us a vision for what life can be at 98!

Keep Smiling!

-Pamela Lutrell

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