Lipo for Less: San Antonio Spas Offer Fat-Reducing Alternatives

As any woman will tell you, there is often a familiar spot our eyes drift to when looking in the mirror. We each have our insecurities, our generational traits passed down from mother to daughter that drive us nuts, and the stubborn pockets of fat that hang around no matter how many crunches we do. For San Antonio medical spas, the options for resolving these issues are developing at a rapid rate. We spoke with two business owners who are building their brands around fat removal with an affordable and convenient process.

Jennifer Owen of Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio says she sees these alternative treatments as a great way to supplement their weight loss programs. “We have clients come in who have lost over 100 pounds, and now they’re dealing with tons of excess skin or a few lagging trouble spots,” she says. “If you’re going to have a tummy tuck, it’s a major surgery. With our Lipo Melt treatments, you’re in and out in 20 minutes.”

The Ultimate Light Machine has no long-term side effects, she says, and in one treatment they’re able to target hips, arms, stomach and thighs. The procedure involves large pads that cover these sections of the body and produce a slight warmth. Fat cells are “open” for 48 hours, she says, so it’s important to practice healthy habits throughout the practice.

Bio2 Skin Studio owner Crystal Holmes echoes that sentiment. “Our body contouring treatments are really for people who are already eating right, exercising frequently, yet they still can’t target the spots they want to reduce,” she says. Their Viora Reaction machine uses radio frequencies to target fat cells without killing them. “Freezing your cells or destroying them completely is a bit concerning for us. We want our patients to see great results without worrying about any side effects.”

To experience this growing field of cosmetic treatments firsthand, I tried the Viora treatments on my hips for four sessions at Bio2 Skin Studio’s La Cantera location. I noticed inches lost, but more importantly, a smoother effect overall. As Crystal puts it, “This isn’t going to make up for eating cheeseburgers every day, but it will make a big difference on the one troublesome area that won’t go away despite diet and exercise.”

We all know what that one area is for each of us, but it’s a relief to know there’s a solution with today’s cosmetic technology.

As with most treatments, in order for any lipo to be successful, it is important to practice a healthy eating plan as well as daily exercise. These treatments will not make fat disappear like a magic wand. Everything works together to bring the desired results, and lipo should not be done without the other.

By Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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