Think Sunshine…Not Headlines…and Reap the Rewards!

Happy Spring, San Antonio! The beginning of spring and fall are inspiration explosion times for me. Just with the change of these seasons and introduction of new colors, I feel exhilarated and to a certain extent revived. Of course, this inspiration will carry into my wardrobe and home décor. Even just having a vase of beautiful spring flowers on my desk is inspiring.

But, the real inspiration comes with my lifted attitude. There is just something about bluebonnets, wildflowers, Fiesta, warm sunshine, and longer hours in our day which brings about a joyful spirit and washes away the negative messages so prevalent in the news today. How can you grimace when watching a hummingbird feed on a vibrant hibiscus?

Sadly, I believe the news and social media has hardened us to a certain extent and allowed our joy to diminish. This is the season to kick off our shoes, walk in the fresh green grass, and breathe deep spring aromas. Perhaps you think this is hokey or short sighted. However, I have learned joy and an optimistic attitude are more powerful in business and politics than any platform or bottom line.

I hope you will join me ladies…put a smile on your face and think of others you might inspire today. Inspiration is contagious…pass it on!

Pamela Lutrell, Editor
San Antonio Woman

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