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By Aquila Mendez-Valdez, Fashion AND Beauty Editor

beautyFirst there was contouring, then there was strobing, and finally the beauty world has come to the conclusion that it’s simply all about LIGHT this season. Whether in the form of a shimmery powder or a glowing cream, this trend is appropriate for all ages, skin types and selfie lovers.

Bright faces are happy faces, and there’s no better way to accomplish this look than by starting with your basic skin care routine. Each one of Shiseido’s cult favorite White Lucent Power Brightening Masks contains the power of Ion Force Technology to diminish the appearance of dark spots almost instantly. There’s zero downtime, and a session once or twice a week is all it takes to reveal glowing, youthful skin in no time.

If you prefer the makeup route for an instant highlight, I recommend starting with Guerlain’s Meteorites Baby Glow foundation. The liquid version of their famous Meteorites powder pearls, this tinted moisturizer perfects, corrects and hides fatigue in just a couple of quick sweeps. The product also contains SPF 25 to help keep your skin protected and bright for years to come.
For a targeted highlight in the corners of the cheekbones, the arch of the brow and anywhere you just want a little sheen, there are two options, depending on your preference: cream or powder. Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighter is the clear winner for me in the cream division, especially since it also includes an applicator tip at the opposite end. A makeup novice can apply this highlighter without fear of overdoing it since blending is made simple with the dual tips.

If powder is more your style, ColourPop has created a full line of highlighters for every skin tone looking for a brighter complexion. Try Rose Gold for a warm winter look or Glo Up if you have a darker skin tone and want more of a copper finish to your shimmer. The important thing to remember with powder is a little goes a long way, so use a fine brush to apply just a dusting, and blend well with a Kabuki brush. Best of all, each one retails for just $8, so you can afford to stock up on a few options.
Finally, when it comes to glitz, one can never forget the eyes, so look to local brand Chalet for the perfect gold eyeliner to create an exemplary evening look. I love to layer this creamy formula in Cleopatra on top of my black winged eyeliner for a transformative piéce de résistance that will have people wondering what your secret is.

The beautiful part is, with makeup there are no tricks, only those who are willing to put in a little extra effort to look a little extra special. These brightening techniques won’t take long, but they will have an impact on how you feel. And that glow can never be duplicated.

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