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By Kristin Mears

Want to knock years off your age without a single injection, incision or zap of any kind? Easy! Start with your hair color.

You may have heard that a younger look and lighter color can take years off your face. Is it true? Yes, a simple change in shade can make a real difference in a woman’s skin tone, clarity and radiance. We asked local beauty experts to weigh in on trends for the new year in selecting hair color and choosing highlights and low-lights for the woman rocking her 30s and older.

Hair color is one of the most effective anti-aging tools we have. When choosing a color, it’s important to remember the goal is to enhance and enrich your natural color and subtly conceal grays. Many women can agree they know someone or they are guilty themselves of going too dark and achieving that “shoe polish” look — this hue looks inky and almost blue. Not only will a shade this dark showcase grays, it will drain the color from your face.

Maria Antoinette Joeris, owner and stylist of Salon Visage, recommends,

 “Whether you choose subtle or drastic change, consider your skin tone and eye color and also how much maintenance your new color will entail. Subtle changes will typically require less maintenance compared to drastic changes that are going to require more maintenance and be more costly.”

She goes on to say, “For example, more sallow skin tones should stay away from ash tones. Warmer tones will create a softer hue.”

Many of us have admired the golden locks of actress Jennifer Aniston and thought, “Hmm, could I go blonde?” The good side of going light is the youthfulness it brings out. The trick, however, is to find the perfect gold hue to make it just right. As we age, our skin tends to lose its luster, so going a shade or two lighter than your natural color can be very flattering. Beware, though, as going too light can have the same effect as going too dark — aging. Hair that is too light can make your skin look “washed out,” so finding that happy medium can get any woman the golden locks she desires.

Joeris explains, “Highlights a shade or multiple shades lighter can accentuate your natural hair color. Highlights can blend grey and soften your complexion. This is a great way to add a multidimensional, youthful look. Also, if you want full color coverage like on a dark woodsy brown, I recommend a cream color for even coverage on darker hair tones. Cream colors give hair with darker tones a rich, even color. For clients with a higher gray concentration, I recommend translucent colors that create a multi-dimensional effect. So with a single process color you can create a softer and lower maintenance highlighted effect.”

Beauty Do you like blue, pink and purple? Would you like those colors in your hair? It’s not exactly an easy look to pull off. Women who are over the age of 30 are looking for a more graceful and flattering do, and the mermaid look might not be the answer to looking youthful. To dip-dye or not to dip-dye? Having lighter tips on the ends of your hair can make your face appear wider and also age you.

Hair Enhancements

Box braids were a big hit in the ’90s, and since then, braids have evolved to enhance any hairstyle and any desired look. Whether it’s super tight French-braid pigtails or a one-sided plait, women over the age of 30 are creating interesting looks for any occasion with the simplicity of a braid.

“For those with thinning hair, the loss could be due to aging, dieting or illness and also side effects of medications,” explains Joeris. “For hair replacements, when a client calls us for a consult, we will determine size, color, style and the type of wig or replacement piece she is interested in, whether it be a synthetic or human hairpiece. If properly cared for, they will last for years. Wigs can be dropped off, and we will shampoo and style them.”

Hair Removal Options
Today, most women rely on some form of hair removal in their everyday beauty routines. Waxing bars/salons and eyebrow threading studios, to name a few, are continuing to rise. Our waxing specialists examine a roundup of hair removal options that have their clients pleased and booking future appointments.

Waxing — “Wax and waxing techniques have evolved by leaps and bounds,” says Lorrie Baggs, owner of Waxing the City. “The old adage that ‘beauty is pain’ isn’t true for our clients. Our wax doesn’t adhere to the skin, and our methods of removal — applying counter-pressure, and checking all of our work with an 8X magnifying light — are unique to our company. We never want to be the fastest, just the best.”
Waxing is a great substitution for shaving. Not only does it last longer, but the skin has a better, smoother feel. “Many different waxing services ranging from eyebrows, legs, arms, to Brazilian and everything in between will help with those unwanted hairs,” says Lauren Randle, lead esthetician of The Woodhouse Day Spa. “We use soft and hard waxes depending on the wax service being rendered, and we strive to be as quick and painless as possible.”
“If you have never waxed before, I recommend you do not use any topical before waxing because it can take a layer of skin off. If you are using Retin A or if you have done any type of peel, I recommend you wait at least two weeks, or you could do a laser, threading or sugar service,” says Salon Visage’s Joeris.

Other options to consider:
Laser hair removal — Many women choose laser hair removal — a permanent hair reduction solution with an average of four to six visits for satisfactory results. Although the sound of “permanent hair reduction” has a nice ring to it, there are risks to consider, such as being treated with the wrong laser, suffering burns, hyperpigmentation or even increased hair growth.

Threading — Days of plucking are in the past. Tame those unwanted hairs with the ancient technique for removing unwanted hair — threading. Brows can now be shaped using interlaced, twisted cotton threads that are rolled across the face. This new method can be seen as an added service at many salons or at a specialty salon focusing on the art of threading alone. This technique is more precise than waxing and tweezing, and many women find that this is the best way to achieve a great arch and a clean finished look to their brows. Threading isn’t just applied to eyebrows; it can be done in all facial areas, including the upper lip, chin, sideburns and neck. This natural, no-chemical alternative is not only healthier for the skin, it’s long-lasting and less painful than waxing.

Sugaring — Why wouldn’t you want to choose a hair removal method that is natural and never tears the skin? With sugaring, clients can expect smoother results that last longer. Hair can be extracted within just seven days of growth (sometimes even less), instead of the 10-14 days needed with waxing. The sugaring paste looks like a thick ball of honey that is held in the hand. There are no sticks or strips used. The sugar is placed onto the skin by hand and is then applied in the same direction as the hair grows, resulting in less breakage. Sugaring is great for those sensitive areas such as Brazilians, the bikini area and underarms.

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