Young’s Christmas Celebration Tree

Young Cacy

Owner, Ilsong Garden
Owner, Ilsong Garden

The Christmas Tree Appetizer has been a favorite of the Cacy family for over 30 years during Christmas gatherings in the festive home of chef Young Cacy, the owner and chef at Ilsong Garden Korean BBQ at 6905 Blanco Road. The tree is always the centerpiece on the table, and even though there is an initial hesitation by the guests to tear apart the artistic masterpiece, it is quickly devoured every time. The concept and design are beautiful, and the construction is simple.



Young’s Christmas Celebration Tree

The foundation for the tree is a Styrofoam cone, which can be purchased at most arts and crafts stores. The size of the cone selected depends on the size of the party.

  • shrimpTREERequired:
    Styrofoam cone
    Boiled and peeled shrimp
    (the larger the better on larger cones)
    One large bunch of parsley with
    main stems removed
    One pint of cherry tomatoes
    Party toothpicks

Construction: Begin by placing shrimp on a circular/ascending pattern on the cone, secured with the party toothpicks. Next, place cherry tomatoes next to the shrimp also on a circular/ascending pattern. The final task is to place the de-stemmed parsley between the rows of tomatoes and shrimp to simulate the tree branches.

That’s it. Sit back, marvel at your work, and then enjoy.


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