Glowing Youthful Skin

San Antonio experts offer insights on three new skin treatments gaining popularityBeauty

As you flip through the pages of an old photo album, you come across a decade-old photo. It shows your youthful face glistening and soaking up the sun, not a wrinkle in sight, as you grin from ear to ear. Most of us wish we could go back to those days and look and feel as we did then. The truth is there are options to get that youthful glow back that do not include plastic surgery or expensive creams.  Why not just book a facial or a peel?  The challenge is which one to choose.

SAN ANTONIO WOMAN asked three skin experts about three skin treatments gaining popularity in the Alamo City and elsewhere. Some women in San Antonio are giving their foundation and concealer a break and rejuvenating their skin with these new types of facial treatments that offer hydration and help them gain that youthful radiance again.

By Kristin Mears

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