Choices in Retirement Living

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Finding a good fit in a retirement community is a concern for aging seniors and their families. The number of people seeking these lifestyles is rising as our population ages. For the past several years, many families have been unable to afford the move to a community.

The traditional source for paying high community fees has been the sale of a primary residence, and for many seniors, the recession and collapse of the real estate market have reduced their ability to sell their homes. Now that the real estate markets around the country are recovering, home sales have picked up, and the recovery is slowly making its way to retirement communities, which come in a variety of lifestyles.

Some communities cater to those with existing challenges and specialize in assisted living, nursing care and housing people with Alzheimer’s and dementia needs. Other communities cater to a lifestyle of independent living offering convenience, security and freedom. Independent living communities have evolved into lively and active places for seniors to pursue carefree lives.

They are no longer the typical old folks’ home, but have been marked as an attractive living choice. Many healthy and well-educated seniors are choosing to make the move earlier to an independent living community. They want to continue their active lifestyles and don’t want the burdens, maintenance and expense of home ownership.


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