Women in Business: Born to Bank

Women in Business Born to Bank   By Carole Miller Photography by David Teran     For many people, banking conjures up images of accountants sitting in little rooms crunching numbers, men in suits, and generally not much fun. After getting to know a few of the most powerful women in local banking, it turns […]

FEATURE: A Love for Creating Jewelry Becomes a Life’s Passion

A Love for Creating Jewelry Becomes a Life’s Passion By Meredith Kay Somebody once told me that “art is created when someone expresses themselves uniquely in an attempt to share and connect with others.” Regardless of the medium, we are all artistic in one way or another. Some of us are born with a gift […]

Dining: Meadow Neighborhood Eatery + Bar

Meadow Neighborhood Eatery + Bar Seasonal Sensations from Chef PJ Edwards         By Janis Turk   Many restaurants claim to be a best-kept-secret place or a neighborhood spot “tucked away” from traffic and the noisy world outside, but Meadow Neighborhood Eatery & Bar really fits that bill. In fact, the place is […]

Finding the Right School Fit

  Finding the Right School Fit By Katie McCall     One San Antonio parent shares practical advice for selecting public or private education on an individualized basis.    As a mother of four and longtime San Antonio resident, Elizabeth Cox thought her children would attend the local school district zoned for their family home. […]

ArtBeat: Gio DiZurita

    Gio DiZurita   Photography by af.design07     Giovanna DiZurita is a Mexican-American artist who embraces every painting as a new adventure, allowing her to fall in love with her creations on a daily basis. Her inspiration arises from the colors of nature and the beauty of all living organisms. She believes in […]