Women in Business: Born to Bank

Women in Business

Born to Bank


By Carole Miller

Photography by David Teran



For many people, banking conjures up images of accountants sitting in little rooms crunching numbers, men in suits, and generally not much fun. After getting to know a few of the most powerful women in local banking, it turns out the banking business is not just about numbers; it’s about people.

Sandra Villasenor, Ileana Payne, and Maria Breen live their dreams every day. While many little girls dream about riding off into the sunset with prince charming like a Disney princess, these ladies have lived happily ever after with fairy tale careers in banking.

“I love what I do,” says Ileana Payne. “I love the people aspect and taking care of clients.”

Banking, to these leaders, is almost philanthropic. It’s an opportunity to love thy neighbor and feel joy. “I meet new people every day and love helping them succeed,” says Sandra Villasenor.

A career in banking may not have been their childhood dream, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. “San Antonio is my hometown. It’s my soul,” says Maria Breen. “I am personally invested in the success of generations to come.”

In other words, baby, they were born to bank.





Broadway Bank Senior Vice President Business Banking


Frost Bank Vice President Financial Center Manager of North Frost and Alamo Heights 

WIB MariaBreen JanFeb22


The Bank of San Antonio Private Banking Manager

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